Senecio cineraria

Senecio cineraria: Overview

Alternative names: Dusty Miller.  Senecio cineraria has had six (!)  different botanical names.  The others are: Senecio bicolor, S. candicans, S. maritimus, Cineraria maritima, and Centaurea maritima.

Senecio cineraria is an important medicinal plant of known therapeutic value for the treatment of cataract and corneal opacity.  Cineraria is the traditional homeopathic remedy found in the Ophthalmology section of the Physicians Desk reference as a treatment for cataracts.  The government of India has stated that "Cineraria is the drug of choice to halt or reverse cataract."

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Juice from the leaves and flowers has been used directly to make eye drops for treating cataracts (not recommended!)


Senecio cineraria is a native of the West Indies, and has been introduced as a house plant into the U.S. There are at least eight different garden plants commonly called "dusty miller".

Why it is Recommended

There are no other known eye drops for Cataract than Cineraria drops.


Use the drops once in the morning and once at night for several months then return to your doctors office to evaluate the therapy's progress.

Counter-Indicators and Warnings

Senecio cineraria contains poisonous alkaloids and should not be eaten.

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Senecio Cineraria:

Senecio cineraria can help with the following:

Eyes / Ocular


Cineraria Maritima is FDA approved in cataracts and has approximately a 20% success rate.  One Naturopath, using other nutrients, claims to get a 50% response rate.

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