Oxalate Avoidance

Oxalate Avoidance: Overview

Foods high in oxalates include colas, coffee, chocolate, nuts, spinach, strawberries, wheat bran and tea.

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Oxalate Avoidance:

Oxalate Avoidance can help with the following:


Vulvodynia / Vestibulitis

Reducing the amount of oxalate in your diet may be helpful.  Things to avoid include tea, spinach, beer, berry juices, baked beans in tomato sauce, peanuts, peanut butter creams, pecans, soybean curd, concord grapes.  In addition, do not take more than 250mg of Vitamin C per day as it may contribute to oxalate formation.  Restrict or limit milk or dairy products to reduce the amount of calcium oxalate in the body.  Calcium citrate may prescribed to neutralize high blood or urine levels of oxalate.

Organ Health

Kidney Stones (Urolithiasis)

Those prone to getting calcium oxalate stones are advised to avoid the consumption of foods high in oxalates.

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