Motherwort: Overview

Both the English and Latin name (Leonurus cardiaca) for this plant tell of its historical uses.  Motherwort has been considered the all-around female herb for a variety of complaints.  Any menstrual irregularity has been treated at one time or other with motherwort.  Like most of the older, traditional herbs, motherwort has not been extensively studied for either its constituents or uses.  Instead, we rely on hundreds of years of empirical data.

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Motherwort is found in extracts, tinctures and crude powdered forms.

Why it is Recommended

The other use of motherwort is to do with the 'cardiaca' portion of the Latin name, namely for heart conditions.  Motherwort has small amounts of cardiac glycosides (similar to hawthorn) and is used as a heart tonic by many cultures.

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