Catechin: Overview


Although catechin is found in several plants, none contain sufficient amounts to reach the levels used in trials; thus, catechin supplements are needed.


Because of its potential to cause side-effects on rare occasions [Conn HO. Cyanidanol: will a hepatotrophic drug from Europe go west?  Hepatology 1983;3: pp.121-3], catechin should be used only under medical supervision.

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Catechin can help with the following:

Organ Health


Catechin has helped people with acute viral hepatitis [1], as well as individuals with chronic hepatitis [2], though not all studies have found a benefit.[3] A typical amount used in successful trials is 500-750mg three times per day.

[1] Blum AL, Doelle W, Kortum K, et al.  Treatment of acute viral hepatitis with (+)-cyanidanol-3. Lancet 1977;2: pp.1153-5
[2] Suzuki H, Yamamoto S, Hirayama C, et al.  Cianidanol therapy for HBs-antigen-positive chronic hepatitis: a multicenter, double-blind study.  Liver 1986;6: pp.35-44
[3] Bar-Meir S, Halpern Z, Gutman M, et al.  Effect of (+)-cyanidanol-3 on chronic active hepatitis: A double blind controlled trial.  Gut 1985;26: pp.975-9

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