Liver Spots

Liver Spots: Overview

Flat, brownish skin discolorations (solar lentigines) found primarily on the face, hands and arms are called age spots, sun spots and sometimes liver spots.  Although they have nothing to do with the liver, the name probably comes from their color and liver-shaped appearance.

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Incidence; Causes and Development

Age spots generally show up on skin after age 40 and are often blamed for giving away a person's age.

Age spots are the result of accumulated sun damage.

Signs and Symptoms

Age spots vary in size from one-eighth of an inch to several inches.

Prognosis; Seek medical attention if...

Age spots are not harmful, nor likely to become malignant.

If what you assume is a liver spot grows or changes, see your doctor.

Signs, symptoms & indicators of Liver Spots:

Symptoms - Aging

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Risk factors for Liver Spots:


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