Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Use

Evaluating Risk Factors: Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Evaluating your likely current (and near future) state of health means taking into account the risk factors — such as cholesterol-lowering drug use — that affect you.   Our medical diagnosis tool, The Analyst™, identifies major risk factors by asking the right questions.

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In the Supplement And Medication Use section of the questionnaire, The Analyst™ will ask the following question about cholesterol-lowering drug use:
Have you used cholesterol-lowering drugs?
Possible responses:
→ No / don't know
→ Short-term use in the past only
→ Long-term use in the past only
→ Currently using for 6 months or less
→ Currently using for over 6 months

The Diagnostic Process

Based on your response to this question, which may indicate either past cholesterol-lowering drug use or cholesterol-lowering drug use, The Analyst™ will use differential diagnosis to consider possibilities such as:
High Total Cholesterol

High Total Cholesterol also suggests the following possibilities:

Alzheimer's Disease

It is thought that the connection between high cholesterol and Alzheimer's disease exists in a protein called beta-amyloid, a sticky substance that builds up in the brains of Alzheimer's patients leading to nerve cell damage and loss of cognitive function.  Accumulation of the protein is believed to be related to higher cholesterol levels.

Gout / Hyperuricemia

Increased risk of gout is strongly associated with obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Vitamin CoQ10 Need

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors ("statin" drugs) used to treat elevated blood cholesterol levels by blocking cholesterol synthesis also block CoQ10 synthesis.  The resulting lowering of blood CoQ10 level is due to the partially shared biosynthetic pathway of CoQ10 and cholesterol.

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