Yo-yo Diet

Definition of Yo-yo Diet:

The practice of repeatedly losing weight by dieting and then regaining it.

Also: Weight Cycling, Yo yo Diet, Yo yo Dieter, Yo yo Dieters, Yo yo Dieting, Yoyo Diet, Yoyo Dieter, Yo-yo Dieter, Yoyo Dieters, Yo-yo Dieters, Yoyo Dieting, Yo-yo Dieting

Topics Related to Yo-yo Diet

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...our question about Calorie-controlled diets
“Extreme calorie restriction, which is common among yo-yo dieters, can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol which, when present in the body over long periods of time, can increase one's risk of developing serious health problems such as heart...”

Yo-yo Dieting Consequences

...the condition
“Alternative names: Weight cycling Yo-yo dieting is the repeated cycle of weight loss through dieting, followed by the regaining of that weight...”
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