Stress Fracture

Definition of Stress Fracture:

Stress fractures occur when a bone is exposed to an excess amount of force.  The force produces a small fracture that is not usually seen on X-ray until 2-3 weeks later, when a callus has formed around the injury.  Symptoms include pain during an extreme or long workout that may or may not stop with termination of activity; swelling; pain upon touching.

Also: Stress Fractures

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Bone Scan a treatment
“...The other, known as scintigraphy, is used to discover the site of a stress fracture or the presence of arthritis, infection, or bone cancer...”

Compartment Syndrome

...the condition
“...An X-ray may also be used to see if there is a stress fracture.  Diagnosis involves measuring the compartment pressure to determine whether acute compartment syndrome is present...”
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Hormone Imbalance

...our question about Stress fractures
“...One study showed that 39% of female athletes with irregular menstruation develop stress fractures.”


...the condition
“...Those affected have increased risk of developing bone death (osteonecrosis), stress fractures, bleeding inside the joint, gout, poor sleep quality, weight gain due to inactivity, chondrocalcinosis (calcium crystals in the joints), anxiety, depression, deterioration of tendons...”
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More topics Related to Stress Fracture

Poor Musculoskeletal Health

...our question about Stress fractures
Stress fractures are small cracks or severe bruises within a bone and by definition indicate poor musculoskeletal health.”

The Effects Of Overtraining

...our question about Stress fractures
“...Adding jumping or speed training and/or increasing your overall mileage too quickly can lead to stress fractures.  Changes in training should be done gradually.”
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