Definition of Sleepwalking:

An episode of being 'asleep, yet awake', usually occurring 1 or 2 hours after falling asleep and lasting for up to 30 minutes.  The term 'Sleepwalking' does not only include walking; other activities may occur also, from the innocent (sitting up in bed, going to the bathroom, cooking) to the serious (driving a car, killing someone).  More common in children, it is often indicative of underlying disease in adults.

Also: Noctambulism, Sleepwalk, Sleepwalked, Sleepwalker, Somnambulism

Topics Related to Sleepwalking

(Prescription) Drug Side-Effects

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Sleepwalking can be caused by hypnotics, sedatives, neuroleptics, stimulants or antihistamines.”

Parkinson's Disease

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“Parkinson's Disease is thought to trigger sleepwalking in those without a previous history of sleepwalking.”
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