Hepatitis C

Definition of Hepatitis C:

Caused by an RNA flavivirus.  Transmission is predominantly through broken skin on contact with infected blood or blood products, especially through needle sharing.  Sexual transmission is relatively rare.  Symptoms are almost always present, and very similar to those for Hepatitis B: initially flu-like, with malaise, fatigue, muscle pain and chest pain on the right side.  This is followed by jaundice (slight skin yellowing), anorexia, nausea, fatigue, pale stools, dark urine and tender liver enlargement, but usually no fever.

Topics Related to Hepatitis C

A Low Platelet Count

...the condition
“...Some chronic diseases that affect the immune system – such as HIV, hepatitis C or systemic lupus – may yield a combination of inhibited platelet production and shortened time that platelets persist in the blood, resulting in ITP...”


...the condition
“...The most common risk factors for ascites include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, chronic alcohol abuse, congestive heart failure, malignancy, and kidney disease...”
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More topics Related to Hepatitis C

Cirrhosis of the Liver

...the condition
“...In the United States, chronic alcoholism and hepatitis C are the most common of its many causes...”

Clubbed Fingers Or Toes

...relationship to Hepatitis
“Chronic hepatitis C can cause nail clubbing.”


...the condition
“...Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C (HCV) is spread via blood, most commonly through shared needle use, and may lead to a chronic carrier state...”
...our question about Hepatitis B or C
“Hepatitis B and C are types of Hepatitis caused by the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses respectively.”
...relationship to Immune System Imbalance (TH2 Dominance)
“It has been suggested that an impaired TH1 immune response appears to favor chronicity of hepatitis C infections...”
...relationship to Cirrhosis of the Liver
“The hepatitis C virus ranks with alcohol as the major cause of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis in the United States...”
...relationship to A Low Platelet Count
Hepatitis C may cause or contribute to a secondary ITP.”
...recommendation Vitamin E
“...In a study of adults with hepatitis C, administering 1,200 IU per day of vitamin E for eight weeks appeared to reduce liver damage to some extent...”
...recommendation Alcohol Avoidance
“Alcohol and hepatitis C virus are synergistic in hastening the development of cirrhosis; patients with hepatitis C infection should abstain from alcohol.”
...recommendation Amantadine
“...It found that in 22 patients with chronic hepatitis C given 100mg twice daily for an average of 32 months, 64% of the patients had decreases in ALT values with 27% having normalization of ALT values and a loss of HCV RNA as measured by...”
...recommendation Turmeric Extract, Curcumin
“...Turmeric also affects membrane fluidity, which impairs Hepatitis C virus binding and fusion.”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“Simeprevir (approved in 2013 and sold under the names Olysio, Sovriad, Galexos) is a medication used in combination with others to treat hepatitis C genotype 1 and 4 with cure rates of 80-90%...”
...recommendation Lactoferrin
“Researchers Ikeda, M. et al from the National Cancer Institute in Japan report that bovine lactoferrin directly binds to the HCV and effectively prevented hepatitis C in cultured human hepatocytes cell lines...”
...recommendation Licorice Root
“...In Viral Hepatitis C, D, E, ed...”
...recommendation Thymic Factors
“...Through his clinical experiences with thymic supplementation, Dr. Burgstiner observed that 84 cases of Hepatitis B and 34 cases of Hepatitis C were arrested, as well as the elimination of all traces of Hepatitis B infection in himself...”
...recommendation Silymarin / Milk Thistle
“...This action makes milk thistle extract potentially attractive to persons with chronic hepatitis C – particularly those who have not responded to standard drug therapy...”
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More topics Related to Hepatitis C

Liver Cancer

...the condition
“...The most important risk factor for liver cancer is a chronic infection with the hepatitis B virus or the hepatitis C virus.  These viruses can be passed from person to person through blood or sexual contact...”


...as a treatment
“...MGN-3 can be used adjunctively or alone against various cancers, Hepatitis C, chronic fatigue syndrome...”

Oral Lichen Planus

...the condition
“...Known triggers include ... Hepatitis C infection and other liver diseases...”


...the condition
“...Viral infections that can cause pericarditis include common cold or flu viruses, meningitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, glandular fever, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS...”

West Nile Virus

...the condition
“...Research trials are under way to determine whether ribavirin, an antiviral drug used to treat hepatitis C, may be helpful...”
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