Definition of Adaptogen:

A substance that produces suitable adjustments in the body.  Adaptogens tend to regulate body functions and when the job is completed, they are eliminated or incorporated into the body without side-effects.  Adaptogens such as the herbs garlic, ginseng, echinacea, ginkgo, goldenseal, and taheebo are natural substances that benefit the body.

Topics Related to Adaptogen

Anorexia / Starvation Tendency

...recommendation Siberian Ginseng
“A supportive adaptogen used to improve vitality and stamina.”

Gotu Kola a treatment
“...Gotu Kola is an adaptogen; alterative (depurative); antirheumatic; antiseptic; antispasmodic; bitter; mild diuretic; peripheral vasodilator; nervine & relaxant (large dose becomes sedative); vulnerary & connective...”
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More topics Related to Adaptogen

Korean Ginseng a treatment
“...Korean ginseng is used commonly as an adaptogen (mostly for males), anti-stress, anti-fatigue, for stimulating the nervous system and similar effects...”

Siberian Ginseng a treatment
“...Siberian ginseng is a supportive adaptogen used to improve vitality and stamina...”
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