Being Under A Doctor's Care

Are you benefiting from Seeing A Doctor?

Evaluating your overall health doesn't just mean looking at what's wrong, it also means looking at what you are doing rightThe Analyst™ learns all about you through a simple-yet-comprehensive questionnaire.

Diagnose your symptoms now!
  • check your overall health status
  • learn what you should be doing right now
  • have a doctor review your case (optional)
If you indicate recent doctor visit, The Analyst™ will ask further questions including this one:
Are you currently seeing a medical professional about your health concerns? 'Non-Physician Medical Practitioner' includes Nurse Practitioner (NP), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Physician Assistant (PA), and unlicensed alternative practitioner.
Possible responses:
→ No / not yet / don't know
→ Yes, Medical Doctor (MD, DO, GP, PCP, Specialist)
→ Yes, licensed Alternative Doctor (ND, DC, OMD etc)
→ Yes, Non-Physician Medical Practitioner
→ Yes, both Medical and Alternative Doctors

What does this tell us?

Based on your response, which may indicate either not being under medical supervision or being under medical supervision, The Analyst™ is able to rule out issues such as A Potentially Urgent Medical Need.
Concerned or curious about your health?  Try The Analyst™
Symptom Entry
Symptom Entry
Full Explanations
Optional Doctor Review
Review (optional)
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