Your Most Recent Doctor Visit

Are you benefiting from Proper Medical Care?

Evaluating your overall health doesn't just mean looking at what's wrong, it also means looking at what you are doing rightThe Analyst™ learns all about you through a simple-yet-comprehensive questionnaire.

Diagnose your symptoms now!
  • let The Analyst™ find what's wrong
  • see your health summarized and in detail
  • identify any nutritional deficiencies
In the Personal Background section of the questionnaire, The Analyst™ will ask the following question about your most recent doctor visit:
When were you last examined by a doctor? Include visits for specific health problems, health checkups, emergency room visits, or hospital stays.
Possible responses:
→ Don't know
→ More than 5 years ago
→ 2 to 5 years ago
→ 1-2 years ago
→ Within the past year
Based on your response to this question, which may indicate unknown time since last doctor visit, no recent doctor visit or recent doctor visit, The Analyst™ will ask further questions about:
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Symptom Entry
Symptom Entry
Full Explanations
Optional Doctor Review
Review (optional)
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