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If you indicate having had recent lab tests, The Analyst™ will ask further questions including this one:
Chest X-ray. If you have had one within the past year, what was the result? If abnormal, please add a note detailing any heart, lung, bone or tissue abnormalities that were found.
Possible responses:
→ I have not had one (recently) / don't know
→ Normal, and I have never had an abnormal one
→ Normal, but I have had previous abnormal one(s)
→ It was my first abnormal one
→ Abnormal, and I have had previous abnormal one(s)

What does this tell us?

Based on your response, which may indicate normal chest X-ray, recently-normalized chest X-rays, abnormal chest X-ray or history of abnormal chest X-rays, The Analyst™ is able to reduce your risk factors for:
Congestive Heart Failure

A chest X-ray of a patient with congestive heart failure may show an enlarged heart and/or fluid buildup in the lungs (pulmonary edema).


A chest X-ray may show changes caused by emphysema, including significant lung enlargement, scarring and hole formation.


A chest X-ray is nearly always taken to confirm or rule out a pneumonia diagnosis.

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