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Test for Heavy Metals: Overview

Toxic ('heavy') metals, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and others, can affect development and general health.  Testing for heavy metals is recommended for a wide range of disorders.

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With increasing levels of pollution, heavy metal poisoning is of special concern.  Chemical products, fertilizers, certain paints, building materials, fish, 'silver' dental fillings, and some vaccines are just some of the sources of poisoning by heavy metals poisoning.  Many symptoms of this poisoning are difficult to diagnose without advanced laboratory testing.


Hair Analysis is ideal for measuring toxic metals accumulated in the body tissues over a period of time.  The growing hair follicle is well supplied by the blood vessels, and blood transports essential and toxic elements present in the body.  These elements are incorporated and stored in the hair proteins, which are evaluated in the test.  Hair testing provides the most accurate information about interactions between nutrients and toxic metals, requires easy sample collection and involves lower cost.  These tests generally measure a wide variety of essential and toxic metals, with individual interpretation that will provide guidance in the treatment process.  Hair samples do not expire, which means that a history of samples can be kept.

Blood Analysis is best for measuring levels of essential minerals, determining possible deficiencies and recent exposure to heavy metals.

Urine and Fecal Testing reflects the levels of heavy metals deposited in the body tissues, but it is most accurate after taking a chelating agent that helps extract metals into the urine.  These tests are important for evaluating the efficacy of the chelating treatment since they measure levels of metals excreted from the body and the tissues.  The urine and fecal elements tests are not recommended unless using a chelating agent before sample collection.

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Alzheimer's Disease

Avoid mercury, and detoxify if levels are found elevated.  See discussion of Melatonin for details.


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