Raspberry Leaves

Raspberry Leaves: Overview

The leaves of the red raspberry bush (Rubus idaeus) have been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years.  Having astringent and stimulant properties, raspberry leaf tea is a popular remedy for a number of ailments.

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Why it is Recommended

The most common use of raspberry leaves is as a uterine tonic.  It appears to have the ability to relax tight uterine muscles and constrict relaxed uterine muscles.  This activity has led to the use of raspberry leaf tea as a child-birth stimulant at the onset of labor.  Its use for this purpose is not fully researched, but seems harmless.  Raspberry leaf powder is also used for similar tonic conditions.

As a mouthwash, the astringent properties have been used to treat mouth sores.

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Raspberry Leaves:
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