False Unicorn

False Unicorn: Overview

Alternative names: The nomenclature of this plant is quite confusing.  The plant we are referring to here is Chamaelirium luteum (L).  Gray, which was at first referred to as unicorn root then later became false unicorn root; it is also referred to as blazing star.

False unicorn is considered to be a tonic and diuretic.  It has had a history of use for various complaints of the female reproductive system.  Considered a uterine tonic, it is often used for painful menstruation, pelvic fullness, and excessive menstrual bleeding.

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History; Source

The use of false unicorn root is somewhat diminished in recent years but still finds its way in a variety of formulations, especially by herbalists.

False Unicorn is available as a dried herb, an extracted powder or in tinctures.

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False Unicorn:
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