Cold Drinks

Cold Drinks: Overview

Contrary to what many believe, cold foods and beverages do not harm internal organs.  Where there is harm, it is generally caused by the ingredients of the drink, for example excessive sugar.  Having said that, there are not a great number of conditions that will benefit from cold drinks.

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Why it is Recommended

During intense physical activity, body temperature rises above the normal 37°C. Drinking cool water lowers the body's temperature to its normal range.  Studies show that cool water is absorbed more quickly from the stomach than warm water.  It has an immediate effect of cooling off the body.  This makes dehydration less likely, allowing us to play harder and enjoy sport even more.

Drinking chilled water can help to lose a small amount of weight due to the calories that the body must burn in order to raise the water's temperature to body temperature.  Drinking a gallon of cold water during a day will burn up approximately 100 calories.


The healthiest cold drink is just plain water.  When participating in sports or exercise, it is usually better to drink chilled water as your body will be able to better absorb this than if the water was at room temperature.  When exercising, it is key to remain hydrated and drinking cold water allows for this to happen at a much faster rate.

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Cold Drinks:
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