Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital Neuralgia: Overview

Occipital Neuralgia is the most common cervical nerve disorder.  It is commonly caused by a motor vehicle accident (whiplash), striking the back of the head during a fall, during a surgical procedure which patient's head rotated or neck hyper-extended, repetitive long-term abnormal posture, or chronic dental distress.

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Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms include pain at the back or front of the head; pressure behind the eye; light sensitivity; nausea; pain radiation into the ear, shoulder and arm.

Treatment and Prevention

Diagnosis and treatment of neuralgia is difficult and complicated.  Ineffective or inappropriate treatment may lead to worsening symptoms and patients may leave the neurologist, anesthesiologist or dentist without any pain relief.

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Occipital Neuralgia:
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