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The fees listed below are for minutes of the doctor's time, which you specified on the previous page.

The following doctors will be available soon

  • Dr. Michelle Johnson, ND
    $5 USD
    General Practice • Family Medicine
  • Dr. Kristine Marie Gozum, MD
    $5 USD
    General Practice
  • Dr. Matthew Fisel, ND
    $5 USD
    General Practice • Digestive Issues • Thyroid Disease • Chronic Fatigue • Lyme Disease • Autoimmune Disorders • Mood Disorders • MTHFR/Genetic SNPs
  • Dr. Johann CastaƱeda, MD
    $5 USD
    General Practice • Ear, Nose & Throat

Or, select by type of doctor

  • Next available MD
    $5 USD
    Medical Doctor
  • Next available ND
    $5 USD
    Naturopathic Doctor (Naturopath)
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