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Doctor's Data Inc.

Doctor's Data, Inc. is an independent reference laboratory providing data on levels of toxic and essential elements in hair, and elements, amino acids, and metabolites in blood and urine.

Genova Diagnostics

A highly regarded lab offering over 125 specialized diagnostic assessments.  These innovative tests cover a wide range of physiological areas, including digestive, immune (allergy), nutritional, endocrine, and metabolic function.

Genova Diagnostics is a specialty clinical laboratory, pioneering a systems approach that supports healthcare providers in the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease.  Chronic diseases are often complex, so our system-based testing helps physicians develop targeted treatments for patients.  Easy-to-read, graphical reports synthesize test results into actionable information and facilitate physician-patient communication.

Hair Analysis Testing

Naturopath does hair analysis test to help people with attention deficit, fibromyalgia pain and more.  A hair analysis can tell you what your body needs and if there are toxic metals causing problems.

Immuno Laboratories

Immuno Labs specializes in food allergy testing.  From the very first day of serving healthcare practitioners to the present time, Immuno has established itself driven by a simple vision: 200%...100% success and 100% satisfaction.

Meridian Valley Laboratory

A specialty lab associated with Dr. Jonathon Wright, MD.  They specialize in urinary hormone, allergy, digestive function and amino acid testing.

Norman Clinical Laboratories

NCL provides a means to test individuals through the mail for cobalamin (vitamin B12) deficiency.  The test measures methylmalonic acid (MMA) by selected ion monitoring isotope dilution gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) in a random spot urine specimen.  The MMA value is normalized to urine creatinine to correct for urine dilution.  The urinary MMA/creatinine ratio (UMMA) test is more accurate than the blood test as it indicates tissue/cellular B12 deficiency.


Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients is a monthly journal full of informative articles designed to educate both doctors and patients.

Medical Information

Dr. Mercola Optimum Wellness Center

"Healthy News You Can Use" is one of the best resources to help you and your family stay healthy.  Dr. Mercola provides a weekly newsletter by email to all subscribers.  Subscription is free.

Drug Interactions and Side-Effects

Look up information on tens of thousands of different drugs.

The Doctor Within (Dr. Tim O'Shea)

Some interesting reading that just might shatter some of your long-held beliefs!


American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians is the national professional association for licensed and licensable N.D.s. Our member physicians offer comprehensive natural family healthcare in a primary care general practice setting.


Angel Farms, Big Island, Hawaii

Illness dwells in body, mind and spirit: at Angel Farms we address all three in designing your personalized 10 day cleanse program which includes colon hydrotherapy, as well as a complete spectrum of holistic techniques for a phenomenal healing experience in Hawaii.

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s.a.Wilson's Therapy Blend organic coffee is the first coffee to be specifically blended and roasted with therapeutic use in mind.  After much research and testing we have developed a coffee blend that has enhanced properties which make it a superior blend for enemas.

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