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Dr. Stephen SpornND

1639 N. Jefferson
Springfield, MO 65803
Phone: (417) 766-7156
Web Site:

Finally, a doctor that listens to you.  Providing the best in Naturopathic medical care for over 20 years (licensed in Oregon, #537).  Now located in Springfield, MO.  I will be accepting new patients in my general family practice and will individualize a treatment program for you while encouraging participation in your recovery towards health.

Imbalances will be investigated with a timetable of expected results and a realistic course of treatment.  The treatment modalities of clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy and physical medicine may be prescribed with the emphasis on individualizing programs based on the patient's ability to make changes and modify their lifestyle and the intensity of their symptoms.

Services offered include, but are not limited to:
Natural Hormone Replacement
Homeopathy – Acute and Chronic Prescribing
Constitutional Hydrotherapy
Botanical Medicine
Nutritional/Lifestyle counseling
Lab testing for allergies, candida, detox, hormone balancing, intestinal dysbiosis
Natural Support for ADD/ADHD for children and adults
Support for Childhood Illnesses, Ear infections, allergies
Bowen Therapy – Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Sports injuries, Carpal Tunnel, TMJ problems, Pre/Post natal, infants and children
Neurostructural Integration Technique
Low back and shoulder pain
Custom Herbal Formulas
Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation programs

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To locate a doctor by area, select the first letter of the nearest town, city, state, or region:
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