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Dr. Maria Sulindro-MaMDABAAMPM&R

Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine
890 South Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone: (626) 403-9000 Fax: (626) 236-5577
Web Site:

Serving: San Gabriel Valley, San Bernadino Valley, Pasadena 91107, 91106, San Marino 91108, Arcadia 91005, Rolland Height, Beverly Hills, Rolling Hills, Diamond Bar, La Canada, Flint ridge, Burbank, Los Angeles, Brent wood

We have a comprehensive wellness facility and we do:
1. Detoxification
2. Hormone Balancing including BHRT (Bio identical hormone)
3. Stress reduction
4. Diet for anti aging and weight management
5. Nutritional assessment and personalization for anti aging Neutraceutical
6. Exercise program for anti aging
7. Intra-Venous treatment for wellness and anti aging
8. We also treat Hoemophatically
9. We have laboratory service and also:
- Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber ( Mild )
- Hydro colonic
- Therapeutic massage for Chronic Fatigue and Fibro Myalgia
- Holistic Dentistry service

As a Medical Doctor, I have been practicing integrative medicine after completing my residency program at UCLA in Physical medicine and Rehabilitation for over 25 years now.  Based on objective finding of blood, saliva, urine, hair or stool testings, personalized and compounded alternative medicine are given to all patients.  A variety of patients arrive, with health challenges such as fatigue, hair loss, PMS, Hormonal problems, stress and loss of energy or others for wellness support, detoxification and intravenous treatments .  My patients vary in ages, from Autistic children to young adults with PMS or ACNE, Andropausal men or Menopausal women, to also include those who have challenges with drug interactions such as Chemo and other medical therapy.

They receive health support to re-build their health & regain their youth.  Our motto is: "Stay young and live longer".  Meet our excellent Nutritionist and the NaturopathDoc.  The state of the art open system Hydro colonic, Comprehensive homo toxicology and many more are available.  Visit our home office in Pasadena, and our friendly staff will give you a complementary tour.  Request our weekly complementary scientific-base evidence education notification through our email.
God Bless.

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