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Doctors in or near Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Janice DacyshynND

Select Health Centre
6918-77 street, Edmonton
Alberta, Canada
Phone: (780) 436-7100 Fax: (780) 436-8276
Web Site:

Dr. Dacyshyn is a Naturopathic Physician trained to work in a primary care setting with specialties that include: women's health, emotional issues, detoxification, chronic disease and HIV.  Our goal is to identify and treat the cause of your illness, and we will formulate a specialized treatment plan based on your specific needs and concerns.  We look forward to meeting you, giving you compassionate care, and guiding you towards health!

Dr. Lena KimND

10548 - 124 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5N 1R9
Phone: (780) 944-2780 Fax: (780) 455-8687
Web Site:

Dr Lena Kim ND, Edmonton Naturopath, is a registered and licensed Naturopathic Doctor.  She focuses on improving overall wellness while also providing treatment for chronic and acute conditions.

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More doctors in or near Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Eric MuradovND

10303 65 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (780) 433-7401
Web Site:

Dr. Muradov is dedicated to providing my patients the absolute finest in natural therapies alongside standard medical diagnostics.  Dr. Muradov has a special interest in alternative, holistic treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.  The use of herbs, acupuncture and injections are emphasized to deal with chronic complaints (pain, digestive, mental/emotional, skin and many others) in a gentle, safe yet effective manner.

Mariano TorresRAc

Integrated Therapies
10065 80 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 1T4, Canada
Phone: (780) 432-4803
Web Site:

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To locate a doctor by area, select the first letter of the nearest town, city, state, or region:
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