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Doctors in or near Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Eli SilverND

Oakland Family Wellness
23650 Woodward Ave, Suite 104
Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069
Phone: (248) 397-4664
Web Site:

Dr Silver is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor who works with children, adults, and families in the Detroit metropolitan area.  Services include holistic pediatrics, ADD/AHDH support, holistic autism support, diet and nutrition, digestive health, autoimmune disease management, fertility / infertility including IUI and IVF preparation, PTSD and holistic mental health, and transgender care including pre and post-surgery health and management of health risks relating to hormone therapy (such as high cholesterol and clotting risk).

Dr Silver can also provide a wide variety of labs including food allergy testing, stool testing, hormone testing, nutrient analysis, organic acid testing, and testing for candida and other forms of dysbiosis.

This doctor can not provide a hormone prescription for transgender patients, but can give you a direct referral to one of several trusted trans-competent doctors and can holistically co-manage your hormones.  Dr Silver is also connected to many other providers of trans-competent services such as mental health counselors, insurance assistance, name-change assistance, and housing assistance.

Sliding scale fee is available to everyone, regardless of income.  The only forms of insurance Dr Silver can accept in Michigan are Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.  Fees are otherwise paid by cash, check, or credit card at the time of service.

Free parking on site.  Located directly on Woodward at 9 12 Mile Road (near the zoo).  There is an LGBTQ friendly intake form and a non-discrimination policy posted in the waiting area.  There is also a large and well-stocked kids corner complete with toys, coloring pages, books, trains, and an awesome prize box for after the visit is over.

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More doctors in or near Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Julie TwoMoonND

Breathing Waters Health Center
44670 Ann Arbor Road Suite 110
Plymouth, MI 48170
Phone: (734) 414-7669 Fax: (734) 414-7679

Julie TwoMoon has a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from the acclaimed National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  She also has a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, and has Diplomat Status in Acupuncture.  Her education included six years of medical school with specialties in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.  Dr. TwoMoon has extensive experience using Natural Medicine and Acupuncture.

At Breathing Waters Health Center we believe that good health is attainable for all people.  At our center you access resources for cultivating, creating and maintaining optimum vibrant health.  We use Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine together to: identify how your body has become imbalanced, perform natural treatments to restore that healthy balance and teach clients to utilize tools to maintain your health without harm or injury.  Utilizing this approach, all conditions are treatable; all disease states are changeable, and every person has the ability to attain whatever goals they establish for their health.

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