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Doctors in or near Austin, Texas

Dr. Terri BeimND

4201 West Bee Caves Road, #B112
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 732-9890
Web Site:

The goal of Dr. Beim's consultation is to help the whole person in identifying their particular health challenge and then re-establishing the body's balance by removing the obstacles to health & encouraging the body's natural healing process.  Dr. Beim is first and foremost an educator.  She spends an extensive amount of time with each client on their particular body chemistry, toxic loads, diet, lifestyle, and the subsequent health challenges faced by that person.

Dr. Beim specializes in food sensitivities/allergies, gluten intolerance, and candida overgrowth.  She works as a member of a integrative medical practice and is able to offer the most effective protocols available for dealing with these issues as well as providing the required education to the patient in order to insure a successful outcome.

Dr. Beim is also able to assist with natural hormone balancing, optimizing immune function, nutritional deficiencies, detoxification, and various other therapies aimed at helping the human body return to the natural state of homeostasis.

Additionally, Dr. Beim is licensed and ordained as a Christian Ministerial Doctor through the Pastoral Medical Association and under The Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitallers which is a religious order that is one of the oldest and most respected religious orders.  This order offers extensive medical missionary training and outreach programs to help those in need throughout the world.  She is also certified in healing prayer (through Christian Healing Ministries) and offers prayer as part of the healing process upon request.

Dr. Beim treats men, women and children with equal professionalism, care, and concern.

Dr. Marianne CalvaneseND

815 W Slaughter Lane #125
Austin TX 78748
Phone: (512) 586-6834

I am a Naturopathic Physician and have been in practice for 21 years.  I love treating the whole family, including pregnant woman and children.  I use Homeopathy, botanical medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counseling.  I treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit.  My treatment is based on the underlying causes of imbalances.  I can treat anything from acute illnesses like colds and flus to allergies, behavior problems in children, digestive problems and much more.

I am also a Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator.  Hypnobabies is a 6 week complete natural childbirth education class which teaches pregnant women self hynosis techniques for a peaceful and more relaxed birth.  Call for class schedule.

Dr. Jim DavisDO

500 N. Capital of Texas Hwy
Building 6, Suite 125
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 201-4042
Web Site:

Dr. Ted L. Edwards, Jr.Holistic MD

4201 West Bee Caves Road, #B112
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-4886
Web Site:

Dr. Edwards is the Director of The Hills Medical Group, is an acclaimed author and internist trained in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Anti-aging modalities.  He has been in private practice in Austin since 1964.  He has served his profession and community as previous Chairman of the Texas Medical Association Section on Digestive Diseases, as Chief of Staff of Holy Cross Hospital, as Team Physician and Chairman of Sports Medicine for the U.S. Cycling Federation, and as Chairman of the Texas Governor's Commission on Physical Fitness.

Due to his pioneering concept of "Wellness" in Texas while serving as the Chairman of the Texas Governor's Commission on Physical Fitness, he was given the honorary title of "The Father of Wellness in Texas."  Well-known for his cutting edge anti-aging and integrative medical treatment knowledge, he hosted his own radio show and has been a featured speaker in the area of Gastroenterology, Alternative Medicine and Wellness.  In addition, Dr. Edwards has authored two books in the genre, Power Aging and Weight Loss to Super Wellness.  He served as a charter member of the American Holistic Medical Association and on the Board of Directors for 6 years in the 1980s.

Dr. Edwards believes in the power of prayer for healing.  He is an ordained at First Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, and serves on the team for its healing services.  He believes that gratitude and forgiveness are essential to healing.

Dr. Vanessa FritzNDMSOM

Austin Natural Family Medicine
1210 Rosewood Ave., Austin, TX 78751
Phone: (512) 909-1600

I am a Naturopathic Doctor: my job is to provide you with natural, safe, and effective healthcare options.  We'll employ herbal, nutritional and/or homeopathic medicines to help your body rebalance and heal.  I will work along with your regular doctor if necessary.  I am trained to be able to tell you when a health condition will respond well to natural treatment and when you require laboratory analysis, imaging or allopathic care such as pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Jeanne GallowayND

Galloway Natural Health
38 Prospect Park, SW
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: (512) 695-2342
Web Site:

Dr. Galloway's focus areas include:

- Breast Cancer Integrative Care
- Digestive Concerns
- Allergies/Asthma

Dr. Galloway is a graduate of Bastyr University, in Seattle, Washington.  She provides phone consultations to clients worldwide.

Dr. Liesa HarteMDPLLC

Elite Care by Dr. Liesa Harte, M.D.
1524 South IH 35, Suite 140
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 537-8859 Fax: (512) 852-4447


Austin physician Liesa Harte, M.D., offers the latest in anti-aging, weight loss, hormone balancing and optimal health medical care.

Dr. Liesa Harte is a Family Medicine board-certified M.D. with extensive additional training through the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine.  She is passionately dedicated to you and your health.  Dr. Liesa and her team are here to meet your immediate and longterm health needs with knowledge, skill and leading-edge medical care that keeps you feeling your best – all within the Elite Care model of healthcare that gives you the accessibility, time and personal attention you deserve.

Dr. Harte prides herself in being a "Medical Detective" and finding the root causes of the problems her patients are experiencing, instead of just labeling them and giving a prescription.  She is trained to use many specialty labs and tests, including for example neurotransmitter tests, saliva hormones, full thyroid tests, stool testing by DNA, food allergy and sensitivity tests, needle-free inhalant and food sensitivity tests, genomic tests for DNA SNPs, advanced cutting edge tests for gluten-sensitivity or celiac, advanced testing for cardiac and stroke risk, nutrition testing, test to determine the adequacy of your human growth hormone, urinary organic acids, and more.

Her treatments often include compounded bioidentical hormones, Armour or compounded thyroid, adrenal support, sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, secretagogues for human growth hormone, functional foods, medical foods, amino acids and blends, and when necessary can include prescriptions as a bridge or a last resort.

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More doctors in or near Austin, Texas

Dr. Jonci JensenND

Austin Naturopathic
2003 S. Lamar, Suite 12
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 586-6834

Jonci Jensen, ND received her Naturopathic Medical Doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ and a BS in Biopsychology and Cognitive Studies from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Jensen's consultations are based upon the philosophy that the body has an innate healing power and reminding our bodies how to stop hurting and start healing takes just a bit of practice.  Her expertise is in the use of homeopathy, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, diet, lifestyle, and mind-body treatments.  Currently, Dr. Jensen advises on living a more healthful lifestyle and chronic conditions including autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, allergies, weight loss, and mental illness.

As a firm believer in "practicing what you preach", Dr. Jensen teaches Yoga for Athletes at the Fit and Fearless gym in South Austin.  She has just finished writing her first book 10 Simple, Easy, and Cheap Tips to Better Health and is a regular co-host of Let's Get Healthy and The Good News Health Show radio programs.  Dr. Jensen founded the Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) while in naturopathic medical school and continues to bridge the gap between alternative and conventional medicine.

Dr. David A. KolbHMDNDDC

Professional Healthcare Services, Inc.
4603 Hawkhaven Ln.,
Austin, TX 78727
Phone: (512) 343-9664, Fax: (512) 343-6097

Dr. Kolb holds degrees as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Homeopathic Medical Doctor, and Certified Traditional Naturopath.  Having been in practice since 1979 Dr. Kolb has extensive background in Natural Healthcare.  He studied Biological Medicine with the Occidental Research Institute Foundation in the US., Europe and China.

Through his affiliation with The Occidental Research Institute Foundation (O.R.I.F.)  he expanded knowledge of advanced diagnostic techniques using Biological Medicine.  Dr. Kolb has had extensive training in Germany learning these diagnostic techniques and natural medicines which includes herbs, homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, enzymes and nutritional balancing.

In 1983 Dr. Kolb adapted Kinesiological testing to the German diagnostic techniques including electroacupuncture diagnostics and presented the adopted technique at a symposium in Frankfurt, West Germany.  After the german physicians did much research using Dr. Kolb's adaptation they nominated him into the International "Who's Who" in International Medicine through Cambridge University in England in 1986.  He continues to use Kinesiology throughout his practice along with his gentle style of Chiropractic.

More recently Dr. Kolb has developed a protocol which he calls, "Miasm Therapy".  Miasm refers to tainted genes per Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy.  These genes are tainted with residues from chronic deep acting diseases that one's ancestors had such as scabies, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis.  Dr Kolb uses NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), Kinesiology and Homeopathy to address the Miasms and to detox the body.

To date Dr. Kolb continues his studies and stays current with the most recent changes and new information in Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Naturopathy.

Dr. Ron ManzaneroHolistic MD

Austin Integrative Medicine
911 W Anderson Ln, Suite 205
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: (512) 343-6223 Fax: (512) 343-0727

Our facility combines both conventional medicine and complementary therapies, using an integrative approach.  While recognizing the value of prescription drugs and surgery, we look for the root of a patient's problem from a holistic point of view.  We take a patient-centered approach by listening to your concerns and including you in the decision-making process about tests and the most appropriate treatments.  Our areas of focus include IV therapies for heavy metal detoxification, bio-identical hormone replacement, sugar metabolism and diabetes, thyroid function, neurotransmitter balancing, and much more.  Please visit our web page for a more complete list of services.

Dr. Tony MaxwellDC

500 N. Capital of Texas Hwy
Building 6, Suite 125
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 201-4042
Web Site:

Dr. Robin MayfieldDC

500 N. Capital of Texas Hwy
Building 6, Suite 125
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 201-4042
Web Site:

Choices Wellness is Austin's largest integrated holistic clinic for Austin family healthcare.  Under one roof, with one phone number, you will find everything you and your family need to get healthy and stay that way naturally.  From healthy weight loss, bio identical hormone replacement, sports injury recovery, stopping smoking to a complete health makeover, we provide it.

Dr. Kristy McKendrickND

Bliss Wellness Center
2499 S. Capital of Texas Hwy (360), Building A Suite 200
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (855) 243-0591
Web Site:

Kristy McKendrick, a traditional naturopathic doctor, has been consulting about natural wellness since 2002.  Dr. McKendrick is from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  She received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Training and her Doctorate of Naturopathy.  She has also received additional training in functional endocrinology, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, herbal, nutritional, genomic, kinesiology, anti-aging, energy and emotional methods of health and healing.

The role of the naturopathic doctor is to facilitate the healing process through teaching the natural way of life which advocates fresh air, pure water, proper and positive thinking, wholesome and healthy eating, exercise and proper supplementation to promote and maintain optimal well-being.  Dr. McKendrick finds great success with clients by using coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help them find what is holding them back.  She empowers the client to discover that how they think and feel impacts their life experience and physical condition.

The goal of Dr. McKendrick's consultation is to work with the client to identify their health challenges, then re-establish the body's balance by removing the obstacles to wellness and encourage the body's natural healing process.

Dr. McKendrick advocates the body-mind-spirit connection and lifestyle.  Creating and maintaining wellness consists of three dimensions of health:

* Physical (what is done to the body)
* Psychological (the mind-body connection)
* Bio-chemical (what is put into the body)

Education about health matters and natural ways of maintaining and re-gaining wellness are of utmost importance to Dr. McKendrick.  She has given lectures across the country and has a way of presenting complex health matters in an informative yet entertaining style.  Improving the health and uplifting the lives of the Austin community is Dr. McKendrick's commitment.  She is available for lectures, seminars and workshops for groups, organizations and corporations.

Areas served: Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Lakeway, Lago Vista, Westlake, Hutto, Leander, Cedar Park

Dr. I. Harrison MooreMD

The Hills Medical Group
4201 Bee Cave Road, Suite B112
Westlake Hills, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-4886
Web Site:

Dr. Moore is a board certified Family Practice Physician, eligible with the Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology and a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and DAN certified for autism spectrum disorders.  Dr. Moore has provided care for over 30 years to adults and children.  In years of practicing, he has treated entire families from birth to end of life in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, geriatrics, internal and hospital medicine.

Dr. Moore's care is patient centered, meaning that he focuses on the person, not the diagnosis or disease.  Many patients come in with vague, unusual and often chronic symptoms that their doctors have not been able to figure out.  They are often worn out and discouraged from just trying to get someone in the medical establishment to listen to them.  Dr. Moore often hears that "all my labs are normal" but they don't feel "normal."  He listens to his patients and values their input.  He feels it's important to establish a good rapport and a trusting relationship with a patient.

Specialties include thyroid disorders, natural hormone balancing, persistent fatigue, anti-aging, insomnia, GI issues, toxic metals, high blood pressure, cardiovascular health, osteoporosis, autism, ADD/ADHD, low immunity, chronic illness, and optimum well child visits.

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More doctors in or near Austin, Texas

Dr. Amy NeuzilND

To Health With That!
Peoples Rx, 13860 US 183 North, Suite B
Austin, TX 78750
Phone: (512) 219-8600
Web Site:

Also at:

Dr. Neuzil is a naturopathic doctor, speaker, teacher and author of DIY Health: For Women.  She founded Excelon Health, an integrative wellness center in Austin, TX and went on to her current role as clinical director of People's Wellness Center, with Austin's own iconic Peoples Rx.  She believes the most important role physicians have is to empower their patients to take ownership of their health and in doing so, to take an active role in shaping a better world and better future for all.  Dr. Neuzil also believes that only through education are we able to create lasting change with ripples that reach farther than the small pond of a private practice.

She is currently the director of the Integral Studies department at AOMA and faculty for Evidence Based Medicine, Drug-Herb Interactions and Pathophysiology II.  She is also a frequent radio host, lecturer and also natural medicine educator for conventional medical offices.

Personally Amy is a gardener, camper, home-remodeler, pianist, wanderer and lifelong seeker of wisdom – especially in regards to spirituality and women.  Her specialties in practice include alternative approaches to the anxiety, insomnia and depression triad as well as wellness-based women's health.  Amy feels that by empowering women to care for their own health in a lasting and meaningful way we will see change across society as that care takes root and spreads towards partners, families, friends and children.

Noel PetersonCCH

Austin Clinic of Homeopathy
9414 Anderson Mill Road #105
Austin, TX 78729
Phone: (512) 382-5060
Web Site:

Noel received his 4-year education in Classical Homeopathy from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He has been practicing homeopathy for over three years.

Noel specializes his practice in offering long-term preventive healthcare solutions.  He's passionate about working with clients who are interested in a healing journey.  This journey includes not only relief from the pains in life – mentally, emotionally, and physically; but also includes a journey towards greater awareness of self.  As one heals through homeopathy, they are living in greater accord with their true self.

As his client, Noel will provide for you a fully engaged, co-committed partnership throughout your healing.  You can expect to be treated professionally, compassionately, and with a full working knowledge of your treatment plan and activity.  Noel is a trustworthy, dependable, and reliable practitioner for your health care needs.

Noel's treatment specialties include: men's health, women's health, anxiety/depression, and vitality enhancement.

Dr. Reena SinghND

Austin ND, Inc.
5758 Balcones Drive, #101
Austin, TX 78731
Phone: (512) 494-4777
Web Site:

At Austin ND we offer natural and holistic health care for the entire family.  We focus on treating the individual as a whole person and not just on the symptoms.  Our goal is to find and address the root cause of the problem that is contributing to your health issues.  We also specialize in truly preventative care so that you can make the needed changes today in order to avoid serious health issues in the future.

Naturopathic Medicine is based on the premise that the body has the innate ability to heal itself if the obstacles are removed and the proper nutrients are provided.  It is a whole system of medicine that includes a variety of healing methods that address most conditions.  The modalities most commonly used by Dr. Singh include:

Nutrition, Homeopathy, Botanicals, Detoxification, Hydrotherapy, and Environmental medicine.

Dr. Reena Singh, ND is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor.  She graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and has a medical license from Vermont.  She will partner with you to achieve your health goals.  She takes the time to understand what is going and will put together an individualized plan just for you.  She believes strongly in "docere"- meaning "doctor as teacher" and takes the time to explain her analysis of your health and provides many additional resources for your health.

Dr. Singh specializes in Natural and Functional medicine.

Dr. Rhonda SteinkeND

Health Through Nature, L.L.C.
108 W. 38th St.
Austin, TX 78705
Phone: (830) 265-4921

Dr. Cheryl StopperND

Austin, Texas
Phone: (512) 219-5638

As of 2015, I have eleven years' experience as a QRA practitioner and a dozen years' experience as a traditional Naturopathic Doctor.  I test each client's complaint for what and how much that problem needs in order to heal.  For example, a pain or problem could be caused by a combination of:

  1. Not enough fluid to flush toxins out.
  2. Not enough protein to repair damaged cells.
  3. Not enough iron to boost oxygen in the body, because disease cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.
  4. A need for top quality herbs to help the body defeat bacteria, virus, fungi and/or parasites.
  5. Infection draining from, for example, the teeth into, e.g., a lymph gland in the chest causing a secondary infection in the chest.
  6. Toxins stuck in an area that need to be removed either with mudpacks or an essential oil.

Please feel free to use the day by day free QRA Naturopathic Healing Program on my website.

Thank you for your attention, and God speed you to great health.

Dr. Wally TaylorMD

Texas Integrative Medicine
4107 Medical Pkwy, Suite 100
Austin, Texas
Phone: (512) 420-9300 Fax (512) 420-9390
Web Site:

Dr. Taylor is the Director of Texas Integrative Medicine a clinic specializing in the holistic and functional treatment of children and adults.  Originally trained and Board Certified in Ears, Nose, Throat Medicine and Surgery and ENT Allergy, Dr. Taylor left the ranks of traditional Western Medicine in order to focus on patients as individuals.  He has treated patients for over 30 years including 20 years as a holistic physician.  He uses a bio-individualized approach to chronic illness focusing on genome assessment to identify and treat each patient's unique inherited gene variants or mutations contributing to disease.

He identifies environmental factors in his patients that trigger and promote illness and helps his patients remove their harmful effects.

He offers sublingual immunotherapy as a safe and effective technique to eliminate allergy sensitivities to pollens, molds, foods, and chemicals.

He has received formal training from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

He is the author of GOT TO SHINE – A Guidebook for True Health and Sustained Wellness in the 21st Century available on Amazon bookstore.

Dr. Leslie WhiteND

500 N. Capital of Texas Hwy
Building 6, Suite 125
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 201-4042
Web Site:

Debbi WinderPA-C

Austin Integrative Medicine
911 W Anderson Ln, Suite 205
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: (512) 343-6223 Fax: (512) 343-0727

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