Unsaturated Fats

Definition of Unsaturated Fats:

In foods, fats missing hydrogen atoms in specific places on the fatty acid molecule; depending on the number of missing atoms, these fats are classified as either monounsaturated or polyunsaturated.  Main dietary sources are plants and fish.

Also: Unsaturated Fat

Topics Related to Unsaturated Fats


...as a treatment
“...Carnitine utilizes unsaturated fat as a source of energy, converting muscle and liver glycogen...”

Effects of a High Fat Diet

...the condition
“...Fats containing mostly unsaturated fat can be made more saturated through a process called "hydrogenation...”
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Flax Seed, Flaxseed Oil, Linseed Oil

...as a treatment
“...Because of the high amounts of unsaturated fats, Flax seed oil should be fresh, and not exposed to heat or light...”
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More topics Related to Unsaturated Fats

Multiple Sclerosis

...the condition
“...year, 3oz of red meat will be allowed per week; No dairy products containing 1% butterfat or more; No processed foods containing saturated fat; Saturated fat intake below 15gm (3 teaspoons) per day; Unsaturated fat intake at a minimum of 20gm (4 teaspoons) and a maximum of 50gm (10 teaspoons) per day; 1 teaspoon or 4 capsules of cod liver oil each day; The results of Dr. Swank's 34-year study...”

Ovarian Cancer

...recommendation Animal/Saturated Fats Avoidance
“...No relationship was seen with the intake of unsaturated fats.  450 histologically confirmed new primary epithelial ovarian cancer cases aged 35-79 were compared to 564 randomly selected population controls...”
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