Definition of Stomachic:

Agent that improves appetite and digestion.

Also: Stomachics

Topics Related to Stomachic

Barberry Root Extract a treatment
“...Listed in the Merck index as a bitter stomachic, antibacterial, antimalarial and an antipyretic; berberine is the best studied of the compounds from the yellow roots of barberry...”

Caraway a treatment
“...Caraway is considered both carminative and stomachic.  This spice is used in preparations for indigestion and related complaints...”
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More topics Related to Stomachic

Cardamom a treatment
“...Cardamom is considered carminative, stomachic, and antispasmodic...”

Cinnamon a treatment
“...Medicinally, it has been used as a carminative, stomachic, and antiseptic...”
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More topics Related to Stomachic

Coriander a treatment
“...The seeds, mainly consisting of oils, have been used as stomachics, aromatics, and antispasmodics...”

Cumin a treatment
“...The most common medicinal use for cumin seems to be as a carminative, antispasmodic, and stomachic.”

Thuja a treatment
“...Herbalists prescribe thuja for the following ... Stomachic – aiding and improving the condition of the stomach, also against bacterial dysentery...”
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