Stimulant Laxative

Definition of Stimulant Laxative:

Stimulant laxatives are believed to stimulate nerve endings in the nerve plexuses of the bowel wall, increasing the movement of its content via several mechanisms.  The most common active ingredients include the Anthraquinones (Senna, Aloin, Frangula, Cascara and Powdered rhubarb) and the Diphenylmethane derivatives (Bisacodyl, Sodium picosulfate, Phenolphthalein).  Traditionally-used castor oil has fallen into disuse because of its 'drastic' action and unpleasant taste.

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“...Stimulant laxatives act on the large intestine by increasing peristalsis...”
...recommendation Senna
“...When stimulant laxatives such as senna or Cascara sagrada have been used for a long time, stopping the medication may result in severe constipation...”
...recommendation Cascara Sagrada
“...that aloe and Cascara sagrada will not be included in the final monograph for over-the-counter (OTC) laxative drug products because they have not been shown to be generally safe and effective as stimulant laxatives.  According to the ruling, aloe extract, aloe flower extract, cascara fluid extract aromatic, Cascara sagrada extract, casanthranol, Cascara sagrada bark and Cascara sagrada fluid...”
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Fecal Softener

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“...An example is docusate sodium, an anionic surfactant that also exerts a stimulant laxative effect similar to that of the anthraquinones.”

Osmotic Laxative

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“...Unlike stimulant laxatives, they are safer and non-habit-forming...”
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