Right Iliac

Definition of Right Iliac:

The abdomen is the area between the chest and the hips.  Divided into a 3-by-3 grid, the lower-right abdomen lies above the right hip.  This is also known as the right iliac region or right iliac fossa.  It contains the appendix, cecum, small intestines, ascending colon, and (in females) right fallopian tube and right ovary.

Also: Lower Right Abdomen, Lower Right Abdominal, Lower-Right Abdomen, Lower-Right Abdominal

Topics Related to Right Iliac

Castor Oil

...as a treatment
“...It should be saturated but not dripping; Place the pack on the area being treated, for example lower right abdomen (liver); Cover the pack with plastic wrap and place a hot water bottle over the pack; Leave the pack on for 30-60 minutes...”

Crohn's Disease

...our question about Severity of general abdominal pain after meals
“Pain usually begins within an hour of eating and is most often around the navel, the lower right abdomen, or both.  Usually painful to the touch.”
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More topics Related to Right Iliac


...the condition
“...Self-treatment for adults may consist of the following ... Do not assume that all abdominal pain is a mild case of gastroenteritis, particularly if it is centered in the lower right abdomen, since this condition is often mistaken for other more serious ailments...”

Ovarian Cysts

...our question about Abdominal pain above the right hip
“...Specific pain in the right iliac can be a caused by ovarian torsion, which usually occurs when the ovary is enlarged by a cyst.”
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