Definition of Pyroluria:

This condition is caused by an overproduction during hemoglobin synthesis of kryptopyrrole, which chemically combines with vitamin B6 and zinc, resulting in their excretion and a severe deficiency of both of these essential nutrients.  Most pyroluric individuals never develop schizophrenia symptoms.

Topics Related to Pyroluria

Alcohol-related Problems

...relationship to Pyroluria
“When anxiety is a factor promoting the consumption of alcohol, Pyroluria should be investigated as a possibility...”


...relationship to Pyroluria
Pyroluria is a known biochemical marker for life long anxiety symptoms...”
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More topics Related to Pyroluria


...the condition
“...Pyroluria is a familial disorder which occurs with stress, where an above-average amount of a substance consisting of "kryptopyrroles" circulate in the body...”
...our question about White spots on your fingernails
“Leukonychia punctata (white spots) are a sign of pyroluria.”
...relationship to Zinc Requirement
Pyroluria is caused by an overproduction of kryptopyrrole during hemoglobin synthesis, which chemically combines with vitamin B6 and zinc, resulting in their excretion and a deficiency of both of...”
...relationship to Vitamin B6 Requirement
“A functional pyridoxine deficiency is common in pyroluria (often seen in alcoholics), due not so much to inadequate intake as impaired conversion to its active form, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, and enhanced degradation.”
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More topics Related to Pyroluria


...the condition
“...Less Well-known causes Hypoglycemia; Psychomotor epilepsy; Cerebral allergy; Wheat-gluten sensitivity; Histapenia – copper excess; Histadelia; Pyroluria; Wilson's disease; Chronic Candida infection; Huntington's chorea; Almost Unknown causes Prostaglandins Prostaglandins ("prosta": standing before; "glandin": gland) are substances that act...”
...relationship to Pyroluria
“...Approximately 15-30% of "schizophrenics" have pyroluria.  (At least 10% of these also have histamine problems...”

Test for Urine Kryptopyrroles a treatment
“...were determined for frequency of elevated pyrrole in a range of test subjects: Autism – 50% [Audha] Alcoholism – 40% [Mathews-Larson] ADHD – 30% [Walsh] Schizophrenia & Depression – 70% [Hoffer] Pyroluria is a feature of many behavioral and emotional disorders...”
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