Definition of Prolotherapy:

A single or series of injections that stimulates the body to regrow, tighten, and strengthen ligaments or tendons.  It is unequaled for pain relief and restoration of normal function for any body joint where connective tissue is weak or has been damaged.

Topics Related to Prolotherapy


...recommendation Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy, by strengthening the ligaments involved, provides definitive results in the relief of the chronic chest pain of costochondritis.”

Heel Pain

...recommendation Prolotherapy
“Plantar fasciitis is one of the many ligament problems that respond well to prolotherapy treatments.”
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More topics Related to Prolotherapy

Low Back Pain

...recommendation Prolotherapy
“Chronic lower back pain is one of the easiest conditions to treat with prolotherapy.  See Pain, Pain, Go Away, by William J. Faber, DO and Morton Walker, DPM.”


...recommendation Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy is the best and often only treatment when ligaments are weakened and cartilage damaged...”

Premature/Signs of Aging

...recommendation Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy can help keep joints stabilized.”

Prolotherapy a treatment
“...Prolotherapy is a method of regrowing and strengthening ligaments and tendons by an injection technique which treats very common sources of chronic pain...”
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More topics Related to Prolotherapy


...recommendation Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy is the treatment of choice for any weakened ligament or tendon and its associated pain...”

TMJ Problems

...the condition
“...These interventions include application of heat and cold, prolotherapy, injections of a local anesthetic into muscle trigger points, passive and active jaw exercises, medications such as muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, multivitamins, neuromuscular...”
...recommendation Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy regrows tendons and ligaments to strengthen and stabilize overly mobile joints such as the TMJ.”

Torn, weak, or Stretched Ligaments or Tendons

...the condition
“...lead to muscle spasm, loss of movement, and all sorts of painful sensations and feelings, what can be done?  The only non-surgical treatment for this ligamentous strain or laxity problem is called prolotherapy.  In order to understand prolotherapy, one must understand how the body heals ligament damage normally...”

Vulvodynia / Vestibulitis

...recommendation Prolotherapy
“...Prolotherapy can strengthen that ligament.”
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