Nucleic Acid

Definition of Nucleic Acid:

A chemical compound found in all viruses and plant and animal cells.  RNA and DNA are the two principal types.

Topics Related to Nucleic Acid

Folic Acid Deficiency

...the condition
“...If there is a deficiency of folic acid, there is decreased nucleic acid synthesis, and cell division is hampered...”

Manganese a treatment
“...Manganese is ... Necessary for building proteins and nucleic acid...”
...related topic
“...It is also involved in the building and degrading of proteins and nucleic acid, biogenic amine metabolism, which involves the transmitting of nerve impulses.”
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More topics Related to Nucleic Acid

Megaloblastic Anemia / Pernicious Anemia

...the condition
“...Other causes include leukemia, myelofibrosis, multiple myeloma, certain hereditary disorders, drugs that affect nucleic acid metabolism such as chemotherapy agents (methotrexate)...”


...related topic
“An oratic acid salt (nucleic acid); an effective molecule for transporting minerals through cellular membranes...”
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