Definition of Nipple:

The small projection near the center of the breast containing the outlets of the milk ducts, OR the corresponding projection of the male breast.  The areola is the darker tissue that encircles the nipple.  Subareolar describes the location beneath the surface of the areola.

Also: Areola, Nipples, Subareolar

Topics Related to Nipple

(Prescription) Drug Side-Effects

...our question about Blood in nipple discharge
“Some medications can cause non-bloody nipple discharge...”

Breast Cancer

...the condition
“...Things to look for include ... Nipple discharge...”
...our question about Nipple discharge color
Nipple discharge is usually harmless, and should not signify anything seriously wrong...”
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More topics Related to Nipple

Chamomile a treatment
“...Externally, Chamomile is used to treat sore and chapped nipples in nursing mothers, as well as minor skin infections and abrasions...”


...our question about Itchy or scaly nipples
“Itchy, scaly and cracked nipples are a sign of eczema...”


...the condition
“...Some other causes for prolactin elevation, besides those listed below, include nipple stimulation, chest wall lesions (herpes zoster lesions, scars, pacemakers) and sexual stimulation.”

Male Breast Cancer

...the condition
“...Any breast lump, nipple discharge, or change in the breast should be investigated...”
...our question about Nipple discharge color
Nipple discharge, either bloody or serous, is distinctly abnormal in men and must always be taken seriously...”
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More topics Related to Nipple

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

...the condition
“...Sebaceous hyperplasia occasionally also occurs on the chest, areola, mouth or vulva...”

STD Syphilis

...the condition
“...(glans penis, inner and outer lobes of the foreskin, seldom on the skin of the scrotum and pubis, on the major and minor lips), but can also appear in the anal canal or mouth, on the tongue, lips, nipples or throat (tonsils)...”


...the condition
“...Common sites include ... Exposed areas – face, neck, eyes, nostrils, nipples, navel, genitals...”
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