Definition of Mumps:

An acute infectious disease, caused by a paramyxovirus, and most common in children.  Although it usually infects the parotid glands, and is often only a mild condition, it can spread to the testes or ovaries and cause serious problems, particularly when contracted by unresistant adults.  A mild child's infection that is not properly monitored holds the potential for pancreatic or meningeal complications.

Topics Related to Mumps

A Low Platelet Count

...the condition
“...The risk of post-vaccination ITP is quite low when compared to ITP that occurs after catching measles, rubella or mumps.  For instance, one case of ITP occurs for about every 3000 rubella infections...”

Andropause/Male Menopause

...the condition
“...There are a number of other causes, however, for acute testicular failure in adult men and these include: viral infections such as mumps, surgical removal of or surgical injury to the testes and male reproductive tract, diseases when the immune system attacks and destroys the testes such as variations of systemic lupus...”
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More topics Related to Mumps


...our question about Vaccinations
“Studies from Europe indicate that there may be a link between the MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccine and autism...”


...the condition
“...Encephalitis occurs rarely after common childhood infections, such as rubella, measles, and mumps.  Immunizations have almost wiped out these complications in developed countries...”

Enlarged Lymph Nodes

...the condition
“...Common causes of enlarged lymph nodes (and their usual location) ... Mumps (salivary glands)...”

Hearing Loss

...the condition
“...As well as those mentioned below, causes include ... viral infections of the inner ear (may be caused by viruses such as mumps, measles, chickenpox)...”

Hypogonadism, Male

...the condition
“...Klinefelters, surgical removal, bilateral mumps related orchitis, toxic damage by alcohol, heavy metals or chemotherapy...”

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

...our question about Vaccinations
“Studies from Europe indicate that there may be a link between the MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccine and irritable bowel syndrome.”
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More topics Related to Mumps

Immunotherapy a treatment
“...Injection immunotherapy uses mumps, candida or trichophytin antigen injections to treat warts (HPV induced tumors)...”

Male Breast Cancer

...the condition
“...Men who are deficient in androgen seem to also be an increased risk (for example, men who have testicular atrophy from mumps orchitis, injury, or undescended testes)...”

Monocytes Elevated

...the condition
“...An increased percentage of monocytes may indicate ... Viral infection (for example, infectious mononucleosis, mumps, measles)...”


...the condition
Mumps is a very contagious infection of one or more of the salivary glands and is caused by the mumps virus...”
...recommendation Increased Water Consumption
“Persons with mumps should drink plenty of fluids and get bed rest.”

Thuja a treatment
“...Herbalists prescribe thuja for the following ... Taken internally against mumps...”

Ultraviolet Light Therapy a treatment
“...Ultraviolet blood irradiation is suggested for the following: Viral infections Hepatitis; Atypical/viral pneumonia; Acute poliomyelitis; Encephalitis; Myelitis; Mumps; Measles; Mononucleosis; Herpes; Bacterial infections Staph; Strep; E. coli; Salmonella; Pneumonia; Infected wounds; Typhoid fever; Chronic disease Bronchial asthma; Chronic allergic...”
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