Definition of Melanoma:

A life-threatening type of skin cancer that occurs in the cells (melanocytes) that produce melanin, the pigment found in skin, hair, and the iris of the eyes.

Also: Melanomas

Topics Related to Melanoma

Cancer, General

...our question about your height (female)
“...The types of cancers which were found to increase with height include cancers of the breast, ovary, womb, bowel, leukemia, and malignant melanoma.”

Change In Clothing Habits a treatment
“...Research has suggested an inverse relationship between solar exposure and osteoporosis, colon cancer, breast cancer, and even the most deadly form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma.  Tight clothing may cause health problems by restricting the natural flow of blood and lymphatic fluid...”
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More topics Related to Melanoma

Choroidal Hemangioma

...the condition
“...Some have areas of increased pigmentation which can make them difficult to differentiate from choroidal melanomas.  Fluorescein angiography is used by eye-care specialists to perform studies of the blood vessels in the eye...”

Clear Cell Sarcoma

...related topic
“...Under the microscope, it shares some features with malignant melanoma, a type of cancer that develops from pigment-producing skin cells...”


...relationship to Melanoma
“Endometriosis has been linked to the environmental contaminant dioxin and a lack of physical activity, both of which are also associated with an increased risk of melanoma.”

GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) a treatment
“...It is also believed that tumor growth and metastasis can be reduced with GLA – especially in melanoma and colon or breast cancer...”

Hydrazine Sulfate a treatment
“...reported to benefit from hydrazine sulfate therapy are colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, prostatic cancer, lung (bronchogenic) cancer, Hodgkin's disease and other lymphomas, thyroid cancer, melanoma, and breast cancer...”

Immunotherapy a treatment
“...which is an interferon producer causing the patients own killer T-cells to destroy warts, actinic keratoses, basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, cutaneous lymphoma, and superficial malignant melanoma.  Injection immunotherapy uses mumps, candida or trichophytin antigen injections to treat warts (HPV induced tumors)...”


...the condition
“...Although Seborrheic Keratoses are often confused with moles, warts and melanoma skin cancer, they differ in a variety of ways...”

L-Phenylalanine a treatment
“...Should not be taken by diabetics, anyone suffering from anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, PKU or melanoma.  DLPA has been used in amounts ranging from 75 to 1,500mg per day...”
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More topics Related to Melanoma


...the condition
Melanoma, accounting for less than 5% of skin cancers, is one of the most dangerous of all cancers and is the most rapidly increasing form of cancer in the United States...”
...our question about How many moles you have
“A person who has more than 50 common moles has a higher risk of developing melanoma and should check their skin regularly to look for abnormal changes.”
...recommendation Selenium
“Serum selenium levels were inversely related to the degree of disease severity in 200 cases of melanoma studied.  As selenium has established cancer prevention effects, its use to reduce the risk of melanoma is advisable.”
...recommendation against L-Phenylalanine
“Cancer patients, such as those with melanoma, should avoid taking L-phenylalanine and/or Tyrosine as these may stimulate the growth of such cancers.”


...related topic
“...While most are benign, malignant changes can occur to turn the benign mole into a melanoma.”

Rectal Cancer

...the condition
“...The remaining anal cancers are basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma.  Melanoma in the anus is difficult to see and is often discovered at a late stage, after the cancer has spread through layers of tissue...”

Sun Damage/Overexposure

...the condition
“...Sun exposure during youth is a risk factor for certain skin cancers, including melanoma.  Chronic sun exposure is also associated with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC)...”

Sunlight Exposure a treatment
“...As for melanoma and other skin cancer, a couple of points should be made...”

TMG (Trimethylglycine) a treatment
“...Melanoma: Anti-tumor activity, prevents metastasis...”
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