Definition of Mastectomy:

Removal of breast tissue to prevent or treat breast cancer.  'Unilateral mastectomy' is the surgical removal of one breast.  'Bilateral mastectomy' is the removal of both breasts.  'Prophylactic mastectomy' refers to the removal of healthy breast(s) to reduce a woman's risk of developing breast cancer.  Bilateral prophylactic mastectomy is the most effective means of reducing a woman's risk; however, the benefits of such surgery depend on each woman's individual risk.

Also: Mastectomies

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“...These are sometimes seen in the breast after radiation therapy for breast cancer or in the arm on the same side as a breast that has been irradiated or removed by mastectomy.”

Breast Cancer

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“...Mastectomy (removal of the entire breast), possibly followed by breast reconstruction surgery...”
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“Although a mastectomy does drastically reduce the occurrence of breast cancer, even the most experienced breast surgeon cannot remove all breast tissue and therefore a small risk of developing breast cancer...”

Male Breast Cancer

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“...Surgery is generally required; modified radical mastectomy is the most common operation...”
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