Definition of Macrobiotics:

A lifestyle and diet adapted from the Far East and made known in America by Michio Kushi.  The principles of the diet consist of balancing the yin and yang energies of foods.  In brief, yin foods, such as water, are expansive, while yang foods, such as salt or meat, are constrictive.  For the most part, the diet consists of whole grain cereals, millet, rice, soups, and vegetable dishes, with beans and supplementary foods depending on the individual and the condition.  Different types of cancers are considered either yin or yang, and the macrobiotic program must be adapted to each individual.

Also: Macrobiotic

Topics Related to Macrobiotics

Plant-Based Nutrition a treatment
“...Questions about the adequacy of plant-based diets were raised by Dagnelie and Dwyer who observed poor growth in children following a strict macrobiotic diet.  The feeding practices of macrobiotic families can vary greatly from those of vegan families...”

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamine) a treatment
“...In particular, infants breast-fed or fed a macrobiotic diet directly are at a great risk of developing B12 deficiency...”
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