Definition of Leukoplakia:

Thickened, white patch on mucous membrane of the mouth, in some cases precancerous.

Topics Related to Leukoplakia


...the condition
Leukoplakia is a condition in which thick, whitish patches form on the gums, tongue or inside of the cheeks...”
...relationship to HIV/AIDS
“HIV or AIDS patients are especially likely to develop hairy leukoplakia.  Although modern drugs have reduced its incidence, as many as 25% of HIV-positive people still develop hairy leukoplakia...”
...relationship to Mouth Cancer
“A small percentage of leukoplakia patches show early signs of cancer, and many cancers of the mouth occur next to these white patches...”
...recommendation Surgery
“The treatment of choice is removing the irritants that are causing leukoplakia.  If this doesn't work, or the lesions are precancerous, your dentist may decide to remove the leukoplakic patches using a scalpel, laser or cryoprobe (freezing probe...”
...recommendation Tobacco Avoidance
“The vast majority of people who develop leukoplakia are smokers, and most leukoplakic patches either improve or disappear within a year of stopping smoking.”

Mouth Cancer

...the condition
“...These patches, which may become cancerous over time, are called leukoplakia, and are found quite often among chewing tobacco users...”
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