Krebs Cycle

Definition of Krebs Cycle:

The final chemical pathway in the conversion of nutrients to energy.

Topics Related to Krebs Cycle

Alpha Lipoic Acid a treatment
“...(less common) Thiotic Acid Discovered in 1951, lipoic acid (also called alpha-lipoic acid or ALA) has long been recognized as a coenzyme that helps break down sugar for energy production during the Krebs cycle.  Only recently has its therapeutic potential been realized...”

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) a treatment
“...GABA can be synthesized by the human body from the two amino acids precursors, glutamate and succinate, both of which are generated via an intact Krebs cycle.  GABA inhibits the transmission of neuronal signals by increasing the permeability of the nerve axon to chloride ions, which in turn causes the cell to become hyperpolarized (excessive...”

Magnesium Malate a treatment
“...These reactions include those involved in the Krebs cycle (one of the body's energy production systems), energy transport and storage, the breakdown of fatty acids, DNA metabolism, and hormone regulation, the activation of B vitamins, proper...”
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