Definition of Ketoacidosis:

A condition in which acids and poisonous chemical substances known as ketones are produced by the body.  Ketones are produced when the body has difficulty breaking down fats.

Topics Related to Ketoacidosis


...the condition
“...kidney failure; being obese (this can make it harder to breathe); dehydration (drink plenty of water); aspirin or methanol poisoning; having diabetes (make sure it is controlled, to avoid ketoacidosis); smoking (damages the lungs and makes breathing less efficient); chronic alcohol abuse (drinking increases the buildup of lactic acid); Unfortunately most signs and symptoms of acidosis...”


...the condition
“...Cancer that is spreading; Surgical removal or drainage of a source of bacterial infection (e.g. a boil) may increase neutrophilia; Sudden kidney failure; Ketoacidosis; Inflammation stimulates bone marrow release of neutrophils to the site of inflammation...”
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