Hydrogenated Fat

Definition of Hydrogenated Fat:

Usually containing trans-fatty acids (or simply "trans" fats), hydrogenated fats show up mostly in margarine, shortening and many prepared and processed foods such as cookies, crackers, cakes, potato chips and other deep-fried foods.  The best way to spot hydrogenated fats is to read the ingredient lists on foods and identify those listing hydrogenated or "partially" hydrogenated fats.

Also: Hydrogenated Fats, Hydrogenated Oil, Hydrogenated Oils

Topics Related to Hydrogenated Fat


...relationship to EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Type 3 Requirement
“...Hydrogenated oils are at least, if not more, atherogenic than saturated fats.”


...as a treatment
“...All current research data declaring the harmfulness of coconut oil has been compiled from studies using hydrogenated oils.  The conclusions drawn in these studies cannot factually be applied to the use of unprocessed tropical oils...”
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More topics Related to Hydrogenated Fat

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...recommendation Monounsaturated Oils
“...Avoid the use of hydrogenated fats (they contain trans-fatty acids) which may be worse than saturated fats in contributing to heart disease.”

Effects of a High Fat Diet

...the condition
“...They are found in most packaged foods listed on the label as 'partially hydrogenated' or 'hydrogenated oil'.  Our bodies have a more difficult time with processed foods and would prefer foods in their natural state...”

Hydrogenated Fats Avoidance

...as a treatment
“Partially hydrogenated oils do not exist in nature...”
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