Definition of Hangover:

A commonly used nonmedical term for the disagreeable physical effects following excessive consumption of alcohol (or the use of other drugs).

Also: Hangovers

Topics Related to Hangover


...as a treatment
“...Decreases the incidence and severity of hangovers in people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol (subjects reported freedom from the depression or headaches associated with hangovers)...”
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More topics Related to Hangover


...recommendation Valerian Root
“...I awaken relaxed and refreshed with no morning hangover."  Historically, the herb valerian was commonly used for the treatment of insomnia...”


...as a treatment
“...It is faster-acting, better absorbed, and doesn't remain in the system as long so it is less likely to cause a 'morning hangover'.  Dosages of 1-3mg one hour before bedtime are more than sufficient to achieve its sleep-inducing quality...”

Susceptibility To Hangovers

...the condition
“...This general loss of essential salts and dehydration leads to a hangover.  A hangover is a kind of drug withdrawal, the result of sinking blood-alcohol levels which affect the brain after high levels have been reached...”
...our question about your gender
“One study found that hangovers are more likely to hit women than men, even after controlling for differences in the amount of alcohol consumed by each sex...”
...relationship to Liver Detoxification / Support Requirement
“...Some researchers believe that an acetaldehyde buildup is the cause of hangovers.  If the liver's detoxification pathways are impaired, aldehydes can, instead of being converted to the next intermediate product, build up to harmful levels and cause damage since they are...”
...relationship to Magnesium Requirement
“It is possible that some of the hangover symptoms related to alcohol are in part due to magnesium depletion.”
...relationship to Dehydration
“The most obvious source of headaches due to hangovers is dehydration caused when alcohol suppresses anti-diuretic hormone...”
...relationship to Lack of Sleep
“Lack of sleep increases susceptibility to hangovers.”
...recommendation Magnesium
“Taking this mineral with some thiamine (B1) and drinking extra water can help prevent hangover symptoms.”
...recommendation Banana
“...One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a banana milkshake, sweetened with honey...”
...recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance
“...Coffee or tea can make your hangover twice as bad by dehydrating your body...”
...recommendation Chlorella
“A Japanese study showed that taking 4-6gm of chlorella before consuming alcohol can prevent hangovers 96% of the time, even after a night of heavy drinking.”
...recommendation DMAE
“DMAE decreases the incidence and severity of hangovers in people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol...”
...recommendation Tobacco Avoidance
“Smoking intensifies the problems of a hangover because of the additional toxins and further dehydration.”
...recommendation Increased Calorie Consumption
“...drunk on an empty stomach, inducing the drop in blood sugar that makes one feel light-headed and drunk, and then keeping it low throughout the night and into the following day, resulting in a major hangover.  Do not drink any alcohol until your stomach contains food.”
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