Definition of Dysplasia:

Abnormal development of tissue.

Topics Related to Dysplasia

Birth Control Pill Issues

...the condition
“...Insufficient intake of ascorbate is also associated with an increased risk of cervical dysplasia...”


...relationship to Magnesium Requirement
“...Histologically, 4 had myocarditis and 1 had right-ventricular dysplasia...”
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More topics Related to Dysplasia

Cervical Dysplasia

...the condition
“When abnormal cells are found on the cervix the condition is called dysplasia...”
...related topic
“...While dysplasia itself does not cause health problems, it is considered to be a precancerous condition...”
...recommendation Folic Acid
“...deficiency in the world, and quite common in women who are pregnant or taking oral contraceptives, it is probable that many abnormal cytological smears reflect folate deficiency rather than "true" dysplasia...”
...recommendation Vaginal Depletion Pack
“...It is effective in most cases of minor cervical dysplasia...”
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More topics Related to Dysplasia

Female-Specific Cancer Screening

...as a treatment
“...If the cells appear abnormal, more tests may be necessary and, depending on the severity of the dysplasia, treatment should begin...”

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

...the condition
“...Your test may show HPV changes or dysplasia (pre-cancerous cells)...”

Myelodysplastic Syndrome

...the condition
“...The subtypes include ... Refractory cytopenia with unilineage dysplasia...”

Pap Test

...related topic
“...Microscopic examination of cells collected from the vagina and cervix to test for uterine cancer or dysplasia...”

Rectal Cancer

...the condition
“...The tissue cells are examined under a microscope for signs of dysplasia...”
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