Definition of Catecholamine:

Any of various amines (as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine) that function as hormones and/or neurotransmitters.

Also: Catecholamines

Topics Related to Catecholamine

Cigarette Smoke Damage

...the condition
“...Smoking causes an acute increase in blood pressure, pulse rate, plasma ACTH, cortisol, aldosterone, and catecholamine levels.  Respiratory Diseases The irritant and inflammatory effects of tobacco smoke lead to increased cell turnover, damage to cells and tissues in the throat and lungs, and interference...”


...recommendation Amino Acid Profile
“...Low tyrosine or phenylalanine levels can result in abnormal levels of mood-regulating chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine and catecholamines.  Low tyrosine levels can also create subnormal levels of thyroid hormone – a well-known cause of depression...”
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More topics Related to Catecholamine

Mitral Valve Prolapse

...relationship to Panic Attacks
“...Their autonomic response can be much more volatile and unstable so that normal stresses and surprises set off an exaggerated response, flooding their systems with stress hormones called the catecholamines.  In fact, there may not be a specific stressor; people with MVP are intermittently and unpredictably awash in their own catecholamines...”
...recommendation Magnesium
“...A magnesium deficiency ... increases circulating catecholamines (an important mediator in platelet aggregation)...”


...related topic
“...A catecholamine hormone secreted from the adrenal medulla and post-ganglionic adrenergic fibers in response to hypotension or emotional stress.”

Platelet Aggregation (Clotting)

...the condition
“...Several organic substances may promote platelet clumping which include collagen, ADP, the catecholamines, certain immune complexes and fatty acids...”
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More topics Related to Catecholamine

Pregnancy-Related Issues

...the condition
“...This can be attributed to several factors such as the vasoconstriction of placenta blood flow by nicotine, elevated fetal carboxyhemoglobin and catecholamine levels, fetal tissue hypoxia, reduced delivery of nutrients to the fetus, and increased heart rate and blood pressure...”

Problems Caused By Being Overweight

...the condition
“...Two proposed mechanisms underlying this correlation are the stimulation of sodium retention and increased catecholamine release, which are results of increased sodium sensitivity and hyperinsulinemia...”

Rhodiola rosea (Roseroot) a treatment
“...During times of stress CRF leads a release of the catecholamines epinephrine and norepinephrine that alter blood glucose levels and serotonin synthesis...”


...relationship to Weakened Immune System
“...However, this response was only seen in those subjects who also showed high heart rate change and catecholamine change during the stressors i.e. those people who are significantly affected by stress.”

Weight Loss a treatment
“...Most of these drugs decrease appetite by affecting levels of the brain neurotransmitters catecholamine, serotonin and/or noradrenaline – brain chemicals that affect mood and appetite...”
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