Alport Syndrome

Definition of Alport Syndrome:

Alport syndrome is caused by a mutation in a gene for collagen.  This inherited disorder is uncommon, affecting about 2 out of 10,000 people.  It causes chronic glomerulonephritis with destruction of the glomeruli (the tiny blood vessels within the kidneys that filter the blood) and eventually progresses to end-stage renal disease at an early age.  It was first described by an English doctor, A. Cecil Alport.  Because of the way Alport Syndrome is inherited, the disease tends to be more severe in men than in women.

Topics Related to Alport Syndrome

Alport Syndrome

...the condition
Alport Syndrome is an inherited disease that affects the glomeruli, the tiny blood vessels within the kidneys that filter the blood of its wastes...”
...relationship to Chronic Renal Insufficiency
Alport Syndrome causes progressive kidney damage...”

Chronic Renal Insufficiency

...the condition
“...Causative diseases include glomerulonephritis of any type (one of the most common causes), polycystic kidney disease, hypertension, Alport syndrome, reflux nephropathy, obstruction, kidney stones, infection, and analgesic toxicity...”
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