Adrenal Insufficiency

Definition of Adrenal Insufficiency:

A condition in which the adrenal gland is compromised in its production of epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, corticosterone or aldosterone.  Symptoms include primarily fatigue, weakness, decreased appetite with ensuing weight loss, as well as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, or increased pigmentation of the skin.  Cortical insufficiency (low or no corticosteroids) produces a more serious condition called Addison's Disease, characterized by extreme weakness, low blood pressure, pigmentation of the skin, shock or even death.

Also: Adrenal Exhaustion, Low Adrenal Function

Topics Related to Adrenal Insufficiency

ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) a treatment
“...The action of ACTH depends upon normally functioning adrenal glands and ACTH is therefore useless in disorders caused by adrenal insufficiency, for example as replacement therapy where both adrenal glands have been removed...”

Addison's Disease

...the condition
“...Secondary adrenal insufficiency, caused by a lack of ACTH, results in a deficiency of cortisol, but usually not aldosterone...”
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More topics Related to Adrenal Insufficiency


...relationship to Low Adrenal Function / Adrenal Insufficiency
“If anemia is identified as a problem then the likelihood of low adrenal function is reduced...”


...relationship to Low Adrenal Function / Adrenal Insufficiency
Adrenal insufficiency can lead to a host of problems, including a weakened immune response, anxiety and panic attacks.”
...recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance
“Caffeine can cause adrenal insufficiency which in turn can lead to anxiety.”

Chronic Thyroiditis

...the condition
“...When Hashimoto's disease occurs with adrenal insufficiency and type 1 diabetes mellitus, the condition is called type 2 polyglandular autoimmune syndrome (PGA II)...”

Elevated Cortisol Levels

...the condition
“...This is called "adrenal exhaustion" and is associated with many other health problems.”

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

...the condition
“...factors include ... Systemic diseases (diabetes mellitus, syphilis, alcoholism – abstain for 30 days to see if there is improvement, drug dependency, hypopituitarism, and hypothyroidism, and adrenal insufficiency)...”

Excessive Fatigue

...relationship to HIV/AIDS
“...The fatigue may be due to anemia, depression, the HIV virus, secondary infections, hormone deficiency (testosterone, adrenal exhaustion), malnutrition, poor sleep quality or quantity, inactivity, or drug side-effects.”

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

...the condition
“...He also mentions adrenal exhaustion as another factor that can contribute to FBD...”

Hormone Imbalance

...the condition
“...influences hormone levels within the body; Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) – A group of genetic disorders that affect the adrenal glands and therefore production of cortisol and aldosterone; Adrenal insufficiency – Inadequate amounts of steroid hormones (primarily cortisol but possibly also aldosterone) are produced by the adrenal glands; Injury or trauma – Brain injury may cause damage...”


...the condition
“...It can be caused by ... Deficiency of hormones that regulate glucose production as caused by, for example, hypothyroidism or adrenal insufficiency...”
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More topics Related to Adrenal Insufficiency


...the condition
“...Risk factors are related to the cause and may include previous history of diabetes insipidus, previous history of adrenal insufficiency, previous history of a pituitary tumor, cessation of menses in a premenopausal woman, and short stature...”

Licorice Root a treatment
“...Glycyrrhizin has a similar structure to adrenal steroids and has been used successfully in treating adrenal insufficiency, fatigue, various skin problems, as well as female hormonal regulation...”

Low Adrenal Function / Adrenal Insufficiency

...the condition
“...An individual with adrenal exhaustion will usually suffer from chronic fatigue, may complain of feeling stressed-out or anxious, and will typically have a reduced resistance to allergies and infection...”
...our question about Sexual abuse during childhood
“...This elevated stress response can lead to adrenal exhaustion.”
...relationship to Weakened Immune System
Adrenal insufficiency can lead to a host of problems, including a weakened immune response, anxiety and panic attacks.”
...recommendation against Melatonin
“Since melatonin helps to control excess cortisol production, those with low adrenal function and low cortisol levels need to be careful about taking too much melatonin: it can make them even more tired.”
...recommendation Hydrocortisone
“Physiologic replacement doses of oral cortisol can make a dramatic difference in cases of adrenal exhaustion.  Because of side-effects induced by larger doses, many doctors are reluctant to use it and many patients are thus deprived of a valuable and needed therapy...”

Panic Attacks

...recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance
“Coffee can cause adrenal insufficiency which in turn can lead to panic attacks.”

Pregnenolone a treatment
“...Stress, Fatigue and Depression Research has demonstrated that pregnenolone produces other hormone-like substances in the body which can greatly improve our resistance to stress and adrenal exhaustion.  These two conditions are often found to be the culprits in disease and aging...”

Progesterone Low or Estrogen Dominance

...relationship to Low Adrenal Function / Adrenal Insufficiency
“...Adrenal exhaustion can therefore cause hormone deficiencies.”


...relationship to Low Adrenal Function / Adrenal Insufficiency
“...Over time, the adrenals can eventually become exhausted, causing adrenal insufficiency.”
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