Dr. Michelle Johnson, ND

Qualifications, Experience and Affiliations

Michelle Johnson is a Naturopathic Doctor living and working in private practice Las Vegas, Nevada for the last 22 years.  She is a graduate of Clayton School for Natural Healing in Birmingham, Alabama.  She is also a life-time student of herbology, being trained by her grandfather (also a naturopath) and aunt (a master herbalist) from her early years.  She also has a degree in Homeopathy from the British Institute for Homeopathy, and a founding member of the Las Vegas Homeopathic Study Group.

Michelle is also a certified applied kinesiologist, having credentials from Touch for Foundation (America & Australia), Advanced Kinesiology Center of Australia, and Three In One Concepts.  She is also certified to work with a Kinesiology-based program called Contact Reflex Analysis.  Other certifications include Reiki and Stress Management concepts.


Dr. Johnson is a mother of 7, the last 2 being born at home.  She has used her knowledge of natural healing techniques to help maintain her childrens' health without the use of standard medical practices and procedures.  She believes strongly that much of their health is attributable to their avoidance of childhood immunizations.  It is her belief that the preservatives used in most immunizations, are detrimental to health.  She also has done research that demonstrates the interference of vaccinations with DNA replication processes, stimulating hereditary health problems that were non-issues before immunization.  Also, research has shown that vaccination does not create permanent immunity, but rather postpones it.  Often teenagers who have been immunized as babies will develop the very childhood diseases they were vaccinated against.  At this point, during puberty, these diseases are dangerous and sometimes deadly.

Services Offered

Michelle has a special love for children, so much of her practice includes therapies for childhood problems, such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), vaccination reactions, childhood asthma, skin disorders, and digestive problems.  Treating children is different in many respects from the treatment of adult health problems, and often very challenging.

She also works with individuals of all other ages.  Many clients present with hormone imbalances, digestive health, diabetes management, weight problems, targeted nutritional needs, metabolic imbalances, among many other concerns.  Her primary goal is to identify and address underlying imbalances and energetic disturbances that are creating symptoms instead of working with symptoms themselves.

She is a primary health practitioner (treating all types of health complaints), as well as a complimentary physician (working in cooperation with various other holistically-minded doctors such as chiropractors, massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, etc.)

Dr. Johnson can be reached for personalized consultations through Diagnose-Me.com, by e-mail at Dr. Johnson's email address or by phone at (702) 240-3533.

Currently available

Dr. Johnson has been working with us since January, 2003.
Dr. Michelle Johnson, ND
Dr. Michelle Johnson, ND
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