Dr. Matthew Fisel, ND

Qualifications, Experience and Affiliations

While working towards his B.S. in Biology at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, Dr. Fisel began to understand that medicine could be so much more than just using drugs to treat symptoms and diseases.  He decided to seek out alternatives to conventional medical school, and soon discovered the philosophy of naturopathic medicine.  It seemed like the perfect career path: a doctor who is trained to use both conventional and traditional approaches so that patients can have choices in their healthcare needs.  Upon making this discovery, Dr. Fisel knew without a doubt that becoming a naturopathic physician was the path for him.  He chose to do his medical studies at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, which is the oldest accredited naturopathic college in the country.  After graduating and receiving his license, he started his own practice, Mindful Medicine, LLC, in the Connecticut town of Norwalk.

Services Offered

Dr. Fisel strives to give his patients the kind of attention they've been missing from other health care providers.  He pays special attention to their individual needs, rather than just focusing on a particular symptom or disease.  By firmly adhering to the basic principles of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Fisel promotes health and healing on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  His goal is to empower his patients so that they can have the knowledge it takes to reach and maintain optimal wellness.

To enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself, Dr. Fisel utilizes a wide range of treatments, such as homeopathy, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, naturopathic manipulation and hydrotherapy.  His special interests and areas of expertise include cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, thyroid disease, diabetes, liver disease, fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders.  You can visit his web site at DrFisel.com.

Currently available

Dr. Fisel has been working with us since September, 2003.
Dr. Matthew Fisel, ND
Dr. Matthew Fisel, ND
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