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Asking your question

Your question must be a minimum of 50 characters in length, up to 10,000 characters (roughly 1,700 to 1,900 words).

Suggestions for better readability

Doctors are only humans and, as such, prefer receiving questions that are organized and easy to read!

Split long questions into paragraphs and be sure to make it clear where you are asking questions.  The most obvious way, of course, is to use question marks (?) after questions.

If your question has several parts, for example 3 specific questions that require 3 specific answers, then it is a good idea to make this clear by numbering them.

Paragraphs increase readability
Ask clear, specific questions
  1 ...
  2 ...
  3 ...
Number multiple items

If you are unable to finish...

You can leave at any time and continue later from where you left off.  This website will remember your progress, and we will also send an email reminder within several hours.

Continuing on a different computer/mobile device

All data is stored on your computer or device.  If you switch to another device, you will not see what you entered previously, and will need to re-enter all data.

Photos, test results and other documents

Attachments can be submitted later via email, once we have contacted you.  At this stage we only ask about the number of attached documents that you will be submitting, in order to compute roughly how much time the doctor will need to answer your question.

PLEASE NOTE: A photo counts as one(1) document, and each scanned page counts as one (1) document, even if there are several pages in a single file.  Example: If you are submitting a photo and a PDF file containing 3 scanned pages, enter "4" as number of attachments.

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